Life Sciences Track

MIT is located directly in the middle of Kendall Squareone of the world’s most active hubs for innovation in biotechnology and the life sciences. The Life Sciences Track brings together the MIT alumnifrom entrepreneurs and investors to professors and experienced executivesthat permeate the area. With a membership of over 70 experienced healthcare angel investors, we hope to help daring MIT founders build the pioneering life sciences companies of tomorrow.



Patrick Rivelli

Patrick Rivelli has been a medical device entrepreneur and investor for over 25 years. He is currently President and CEO of Sonogenix, Inc., a clinical stage medical device company; as well as Co-Director and Life Sciences Track Lead at MIT Angels, an angel investor group. He was previously founder and CEO of Smart Therapeutics (acquired by Boston Scientific) & Bioabsorbable Therapeutics (acquired by Multi Cell Corporation). Patrick holds a BA in Economics from Harvard University and a MS in Management from the MIT Sloan School. He also holds 9 issued patents.

James W. Weis

James W. Weis has founded and led several initiatives aimed at increasing the pace of innovation within the life sciences and healthcare industries. As a President and Founder of the MIT Biotechnology Group, the first MIT student group dedicated to building relationships between academia and the biotechnology industry, he oversaw growth to over 2,000 members in under two years. James studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT and is currently completing his PhD in Computational and Systems Biology, also at MIT, where he develops artificial intelligence methods for the design of next-generation biocatalysts.

Sam Huang

Sam Huang is junior in Chemical Engineering at MIT interested in the business and financing side of the biopharma industry. As a member of the MIT Biotech Group, he founded an investment due-diligence group to provide value to nearby firms & groups while increasing student exposure to the industry. Since coming to MIT, he has been involved in research and co-authored a publication investigating a novel purification process for small molecules. Sam will spend this summer as an analyst in JP Morgan’s Healthcare Investment Banking Group in San Francisco.